Eye-Opening Personality Assessments & Professional Workshops

Make the most of your job search and add to your skills with personality assessments and professional workshops from Career Dreamers, LLC. She can help determine your personality type and organizational skills, and help determine which jobs you are best suited for. Workshops can help in group dynamic challenges.

Assessing Your Strengths
It is important to understand your strengths and challenges, so that you can leverage strengths and choose careers where you can mitigate and minimize your challenges. It will also help you to communicate with colleagues and supervisors with other personality types and help you develop stronger working relationships. If you are looking to develop and strengthen yourself as a person and a professional, these services can help you.

Janelle is a certified DISC facilitator, she conducts individual assessments and facilitates group workshops. DISC is an assessment used to explain how you do what you do; it is the universal language of observable human behavior. The DISC assessment allows you to understand your behavioral style and recognize the behavioral style of others. Understanding behaviors of yourself and others allows for increased self-awareness, effective communication and building strong relationships. If you are interested in taking a DISC assessment please contact Janelle for more information.

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