Dedicated Career Coaching & Counseling

Count on Janelle of Career Dreamers, LLC, for professional career coaching and counseling throughout the nation. Her ideal candidates are those looking to move to a new career, employer, or startup, and they are mid-level professionals with flexibility.

One-on-One Consultation
Janelle’s one-on-one approach allows for a tailored program based on your needs. This approach allows her to help you establish goals and map your career. Lifestyle coaching also helps you to make the best choices by looking at your entire situation and guiding you in the direction you would like to go. Lifestyle choices about families, owning homes, or vacationing are important when deciding your career, because the career you choose will impact that lifestyle.

Next, she helps you establish a timeline for attaining your goals, starting with short-term 2-year goals and moving to longer-term 5- to 10-year plans. You may find that you need more education or certifications along the way, and Janelle will help you make those choices. Together, you and Janelle will refocus and align your actions with your goals with tools like vision boards.

Janelle has a Master’s degree in counseling and has more than 15 years of work experience with an extensive background in Human Resources and Workforce Development. Additionally, she is a certified career coach, resume writer, and she is DISC-certified.

Contact Janelle today for quality career coaching and counseling.